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My beloved,

           MY  beloved,

You were designed as a spirit being who is more than a conqueror. Your origins are for dominion and rulership in every area of both your physical and spirit-life. 

You may not have heard that you can have an active spirit-life existence that will change your circumstance. And by building your spirit-man, you can bring your daily life to reflect who you are as a son & daughter of God. 

Many who desire to put their life together have asked about;

  • Relationships
  • Breaking generational ties
  • Healing from bondages
  • Fulfilling your destiny
  • Fighting spiritual battles
  • Walking in freedom
  • Winning in life
  • Being happy

I am here to start a conversation that addresses these issues. Here to see that you can truly know your loving Father intimately. Here, to show you how Jesus made a way, and a place to take this battle to where it favors you. 

You can begin to break free and live the life God designed for you to have.

Please scroll down & explore ways to begin your spirit-life journey.

You are loved,



Nadia Johnson

From the age of 12, Nadia has been on a journey of engaging the Father, Son & Holy Spirit in an experiential relationship.

She experienced firsthand being hidden by God as she supernaturally walked through a deadly mob during a religious riot. She has witnessed the power of God deliver her from witchcraft, poison, and instances where she could not help herself.

Her deliverance became the birthplace from which the Lord uses her to deliver many from spiritual and emotional strongholds. She empowers and activates God’s call over lives as they step into a new day.

In prayer with her husband, Ime, Nadia burst into heaven right out of her living room one day. That would be the start of a unique relationship with God that she never knew existed on this side of heaven.

Using practical biblical tools, Nadia equips people towards intimacy with God and the power of choice to maintain their freedom and thrive in their spirit-life.

 Nadia and her husband of 17 years, Ime Johnson, have been blessed with two of the finest teenage girls

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