Hello beloved, 

We are delighted to serve you through our ministry. We have ministry teams trained to help you navigate in the Courts of Heaven. It will be a guided moment to the throne of our loving Abba Father, the Righteous Judge. 

Please choose from the two programs below and schedule your appointment with us.

  • Courts of Heaven session (1-Hour or 2-Hour)
  • Spiritual mentorship (1-Hour or 2-Hour)

 Guidelines For An Appointment: 


 1. This is an online Video-Conference. You will be sent a Zoom link with an ID to connect.


 2. Appointments should only be made by the individual attending the session. If someone else helped in the booking, please ensure they are present with you for the appointment.


3. To gift a friend or family member a session, send them this URL. Arrange to cover their session’s booking.

Friends and family should make their appointments individually.


 4. A 1-hour appointment is only for one person. A married couple may join in the session but, only one person will receive ministry. 

If a married couple wants ministry together, please select the 2-hour appointment option.


 5. You will receive a Confirmation Email with an active hyperlink that serves as your Zoom invitation. The Confirmation Email contains information for your appointment date. 

Always check your inbox, spam, or junk folders for a confirmation email.


 6. Choose from the list of available time block(s). The system will suggest a timezone. Please make sure it is your time zone. We are not responsible for the wrong Time Zone selection. 



When you book a session, our team begins to intercede for you. We expect the Holy Spirit to lead us in each appointment for your freedom, guidance, and breakthrough.


Come with this expectation from our Heavenly Daddy – God. 


Proverbs 23:18

Surely there is a future [and a reward]. And your hope and expectation will not be cut off.”


Come with the willingness to repent for yourselves and your generations. You will see great results to the degree you yield to the Holy Spirit.


You are loved,

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