I became a born-again Christian back in 2005. I struggled with anger, so intense and deeply rooted in me that I can feel the residue of its power over my life. A life of guilt, shame, and condemnation that I could not shake off for years (literarily 15 years)!!! No matter how many inner healing meetings, prayers, deliverance prayers were prayed over me, & the many sessions in my prayer closet begging God to take this thorn from my flesh, there was no avail to being free from this emotion, which I found out was a “spirit.” And an evil spirit that had ravaged for generations in my family bloodline.
Through Nadia’s teachings on Engaging the Courts of Heaven, I understood through biblical scripture references & the leading of the Holy Spirit that I had an enemy, & that enemy was not my husband, children, or myself. That for generations, my ancestors carried an angry spirit, violence. The rage was effective in my grandfather and my father. Through the steps of Engaging the courts of Heaven & scriptures from both the Old and New testaments from the Holy Bible, this Heavenly court system became my weapon and my steps to victory over anger and many more generational sins in my bloodline, that not only destroyed my ancestors but had taken up half of my life, & preying on my children & the next generation!
At the point of my deliverance, Nadia guided me into prayer. She led me to step by step in Engaging in the courts of Heaven, through repentance, confessing my sins, sins of my ancestors, signing off “divorce papers,” and separating myself from the legal rights these demonic forces had on my life, and seeing myself free from the chains of bondage and captivity from these evil spirits that came to steal, kill and destroy my life!! (John 10:10)
I received forgiveness and FREEDOM! No longer a slave to sin, being tormented by the spirit of anger and contempt. I’m so thankful for Nadia and her obedience to freely give this powerful gift of teaching the Body of Christ that there is a hidden secret behind the struggles we wrestle in the flesh and our souls. I can testify that anger is not the only stronghold I suffered through. I have been released and have been completely set free from anger, pride, rejection, and self-hatred, to name a few. 


on Court of Heaven session