My first experience of going to the courts was a few months ago after I spoke to Nadia about years of dreams of some direct and indirect contracts I had accepted. I was always very emotionally & romantically involved with a man other than my husband in these dreams. The bonds between us were so strong & inseparable. Sometimes it would be the same person year after year. Other times, it would be a new face, but the scariest part was, most of the men were ex-boyfriends & friends. I later understood that these were spiritual/spirit husbands. At first, these dreams seemed innocent & felt normal. Later, the experiences felt real, so I suffered from waking up & regretting they happened. I had prayed about these dreams over the years because of their reoccurrence, but I never really understood its impact on my life nor associated it with reality. I got very concerned after the last episode I had with one of the friends in real life that made me connect some dots, so I decided to speak to Nadia about these dreams, & she told me I would have to address these spirit husbands in the courts of heaven.

Nadia & I spent time in worship & gradually got into a place where I was fully immersed in this spiritual arena, which seemed like an earthly court with a Judge, defendant, plaintiff, & audience. I saw myself stand in the box speaking. As Nadia continued praying, I saw the Judge rule my case as “not guilty.” At that point, I was in tears feeling like it was never my fault. I never consciously got into any agreement with the accuser. I had been wrongly accused & harassed for years, but I had believed it was ok, so the dreams continued. As soon as my case was ruled “not guilty,” I immediately saw these spirit husbands walking out of the court angrily. It seemed like their hands were handcuffed to their backs as they walked out one after the other. 

I felt a sense of freedom. I was afraid because one of the spirit husbands almost refused to leave (this man was the main element in my dreams over these years). It was a bitter break up, I suppose, but it was the greatest deliverance that I got when he finally walked out. I then saw myself walk out of the courtroom towards the entrance, standing outside with a certificate in my hand, which I believe were a divorce certificate. Here were my freedom & deliverance. It’s been 9 months now; besides a couple of less intense dreams where I saw one looking at me from a distance but not having contact with me as it had been for many years, I have not had any of these dreams again. The amazing thing about this deliverance is that it did only stop the dreams, which were spiritual but physical, too, as I broke every tie I had with the spirit husbands. I have now learned to go to the courts with everything I struggle with & I feel blessed to be free at last after many years of this torture.


on Court of Heaven session